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ACPHIS Journal List

ACPHIS has determined and approved a ranking of Information Systems (IS) journals for the Australian IS community. The journals on this list are ranked into one of four categories (A*, A, B, C). The current ACPHIS journal list is available for download below. 


Important Notes

  • 2022: An ACPHIS Journals Review Committee (comprised of senior scholars from the Australasian IS community) has been convened in 2022 to harmonise the current ACPHIS and ABDC Journals lists. The ACPHIS 2022 Journals List (for download on this site) is the result of this process.

    • ACPHIS is currently seeking input from the IS community for any additional journals to be added to the ACPHIS 2022 Journals List. We will also make recommendations from this process to the current ABDC journal list review process.

    • A wider and more comprehensive review of ACPHIS Journal Rankings will be conducted in early 2023.

  • 2020: The Australian Business Deans’ Council (ABDC) reviewed all journals in all management disciplines during 2019/20.

    • The ABDC IS Journal Review panel was comprised of ACPHIS/PHIS-NZ nominated members.

    • The ACPHIS IS Journals list was used as a basis for the ABDC review.

    • The IS academic community were informed of, and involved in the review process via the ISHoDs and ISAus mailing lists as well as through calls for input from the ABDC.

    • Details of the ABDC Journals list can be found at:

    • The ABDC review process resulted in a few minor changes to journal rankings and some journal additions on their list. These are considered as possible inclusions to the ACPHIS IS Journals list at the following review in 2022.

  • The Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia (CORE) have their own journal list.


If one cannot find a particular IS journal on the ACPHIS journal list, it may be found on the CORE or ABDC lists.​

Historical Notes

  • In 2007, ACPHIS published a version of the ACPHIS Journal List in the Australasian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS). It is important to note that the list published in that article has since been superseded in several iterations. A reference to this older version is provided below for historical reasons:

    • Fisher J, Shanks, G & Lamp J.W. (2007) “A Ranking List for Information Systems Journals”, Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 14(2), pp. 5-18.

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