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Leoni Warne Prize

The Leoni Warne Prize recognizes outstanding publications in the area of women and information technology. ACPHIS is a proud co-sponsor of this prize. Leoni Warne was passionate, professionally, about two things: the information systems discipline and working to promote the role of women in IT.  To honour Leoni Warne's contribution to our field, and specifically women and IT, the Australasian Association for Information Systems (AAIS), Australian Computer Society (ACS) and ACPHIS have combined to establish the Leoni Warne Prize. The Leoni Warne Prize is administered by AAIS. Nominations should reach the organisers by the first Friday in October and the shortlist will be announced on the last Friday in October. Further details about the prize along with submission guidelines can be found on the AAIS site:


  • Leoni Warne Prize 2019 – Helen Hasan & Henry Linger
    The 2019 prize was awarded to Helen Hasan (University of Wollongong) and Henry Linger (Monash University) for their paper “Older Women Online: Engaged, Active and Independent” published in the Proceedings of the 2018 Australasian Conference on Information Systems (

  • Leoni Warne Prize 2014 – Elena Gorbacheva, Annemieke Craig, Jenine Beekhuyzeb, & Jo Coldweel-Neilson
    The 2014 prize was awarded to Elena Gorbacheva, Annemieke Craig, Jenine Beekhuyzen and Jo Coldwell-Neilson for their paper “ICT Interventions for Girls: Factors Influencing ICT Career Intentions” published in the Australasian Journal of Information Systems 18(3) (

  • Leoni Warne Prize 2013 – Madeleine Roberts & Tanya McGill
    The 2013 prize was awarded to Madeleine Roberts (University of Wollongong) and Tanya McGill (Murdoch University) for their paper titled “Enabling and Encouraging Greater Diversity in ICT” published in the Proceedings of the Australasian Conference on Information Systems (

  • Leoni Warne Prize 2012 – Gail Ridley & Judy Young
    The 2012 prize was awarded to Gail Ridley and Judy Young for their paper “Theoretical approaches to gender and IT: examining some Australian evidence” published in the Information Systems Journal (22), pp. 355–373 (

  • Leoni Warne Prize 2011 – Catherine Lang
    The inaugural Leoni Warne Prize was awarded to Dr Catherine Lang, Associate Dean (Student Engagement) at Swinburne University of Technology, for her paper titled “Happenstance and compromise: a gendered analysis of student computing degree course selection” published in the Computer Science Education journal ( The panel decided to also award an honourable mention to a paper by Annemieke Craig, Julie Fisher and Linda Dawson titled "Women in ICT: Guidelines for evaluating intervention programs".

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